Dividing a movie

You can divide a movie at a designated point.

A: MENU button

B: ////SET button

  1. Press the MENU button while playing back a movie.
  2. Select (EDIT) - [DIVIDE] with the ////SET button.
  3. Touch at the point where you want to divide.

    A: After you select the point with make fine adjustment with these buttons.

    B: Returns to the beginning of the selected movie.

  4. Touch - .


  • You cannot restore movies once they are divided.
  • Do not remove the battery pack, AC Adaptor or memory card that contains the movies to be divided from your camcorder during the operation. It may damage the memory card.
  • A slight difference may occur from the point where you touch and the actual dividing point, as the camcorder selects the dividing point based in about half-second increments.
  • Movies recorded in XAVC S cannot be divided.