Parts and controls (wireless remote commander)

Remove the insulation sheet before using the wireless remote commander.

A: Insulation sheet

  1. DATA CODE button
  2. PHOTO button
  3. SCAN/SLOW button
  4. /(PREV/NEXT) button
  5. PLAY button
  6. STOP button
  7. DISPLAY button
  8. Transmitter
  9. START/STOP button
  10. Power zoom lever
  11. PAUSE button
  12. VISUAL INDEX button
  13. ////ENTER button


  • Aim the wireless remote commander towards the remote sensor to operate your camcorder.
  • Point the remote sensor away from strong light sources such as direct sunlight or overhead lighting. Otherwise, the wireless remote commander may not function properly.
  • When you are operating the camcorder with the supplied wireless remote commander, your video device may also operate. In that case, select a commander mode other than DVD2 for your video device, or cover the sensor of your video device with black paper.