Using your smartphone or tablet as a wireless remote commander using the NFC function (NFC one-touch remote)

You can operate the camcorder using your NFC-enabled smartphone or tablet as a wireless remote commander.


  • Make sure that your smartphone is not in sleep mode and the screen is unlocked in advance.
  1. Install PlayMemories Mobile on your smartphone.
    • If PlayMemories Mobile is already installed in your smartphone, update the software to the latest version.
  2. Select [Settings] on the smartphone, then select [More] and place a checkmark next to [NFC].

  3. Enter the recording mode and touch (N mark) of your smartphone to (N mark) of the camcorder.

    • Make sure that (N mark) is displayed on the LCD monitor of the camcorder.
    • Hold the camcorder and your smartphone together and keep them still for about 1-2 seconds until PlayMemories Mobile starts up on your smartphone.
  4. Operate the camcorder using your smartphone.


  • Movies and photos are recorded on the camcorder and are not stored on the smartphone.
  • The operation methods and display screens for the application are subject to change without notice by future upgrades.
  • This application is not guaranteed to work on all smartphones and tablets.
  • If the connections is not made successfully, try the procedures shown in “ Connecting to your Android smartphone or tablet (by entering an SSID and password) .”


  • For the latest supported OS, refer to the download page of PlayMemories Mobile.