Self-diagnosis display

If indicators appear on the LCD monitor or in the viewfinder, check the following. If the problem persists even after you have tried to fix a couple of times, contact your Sony dealer or local authorized Sony service facility. When you contact them, give them the complete error code beginning with C or E displayed on the LCD monitor.

You may hear a melody when an important warning indicator appears on the LCD monitor.

C:(or E:): (Self-diagnosis display)


You are not using the designated battery pack. Make sure to use the designated battery pack.

Connect the DC plug of the AC Adaptor to the DC IN jack of the camcorder firmly.


The battery pack temperature is high. Change the battery pack or place it in a cool place.


Remove the memory cards. After installing them again, operate your camcorder.


Remove the power source. Reconnect it and operate the camcorder again.


Follow the steps from 2 on “If you have problems.”

(Battery level warning)

Low battery.

Depending on the operating environment or battery conditions, may flash even with about 10% of power remaining.

(Warning indicator pertaining to the temperature of the camcorder/battery pack)

The temperature of the camcorder/battery pack is high. In this case, leave the power off and wait until the temperature of the camcorder/battery pack goes down.

(Warning indicator pertaining to memory card)

Slow flashing

Free spaces for recording images are running out.

No memory card is inserted.

Fast flashing

There is not enough free space for recording images. After storing the images on other media, delete unnecessary images, or format the memory card.

The image data base file may be damaged. Check the file with [REPAIR IMAGE DB FILE].

The memory card is damaged.

When you record movies whose bit-rate is set to 100 Mbps in [REC FORMAT], use an SDXC memory card of UHS-I U3 or faster.

(Warning indicator pertaining to memory card formatting)

The memory card is damaged.

The memory card is not formatted correctly.

(Warning indicator pertaining to incompatible memory card)

Incompatible memory card is inserted.

(Warning indicator pertaining to the write-protect of the memory card)

The memory card is write-protected.

Access to the memory card was restricted on another device.

(Warning indicator pertaining to camera-shake warning)

The camcorder is unsteady, so camera-shake easily occurs. Hold the camcorder steady with both hands and record the image. However, note that the camera shake warning indicator does not disappear.

ND filter warning

When , , or is flashing, check the position of the ND filter switch is correct.