Deleting selected movies/photos

You can free media space by deleting movies and still images from memory card.

A: MENU button

B: THUMBNAIL (playback) button

C: ////SET button

  1. Press the THUMBNAIL (playback) button.
    • The thumbnail screen is displayed.
  2. Press the MENU button.
  3. Select (EDIT) - [DELETE] with the ////SET button.
  4. Touch the movies or photos that you want to delete.
    • appears on the selected thumbnails.

    • Press and hold the image down to preview the image. Touch to return to the previous screen.
    • You can select up to 100 images at one time.
    • appears at the upper right corner on the thumbnail of protected images.
    • No check box appears on the thumbnail of protected images.
  5. Touch , then follow the on-screen instructions to touch .


  • You cannot restore images once they are deleted.
  • Do not remove the battery pack, AC Adaptor or memory card that contains the movies or photos from your camcorder during the operation. It may damage the memory card.
  • You cannot delete protected movies and photos. Undo the protection before you try to delete them.
  • Save important movies and photos onto the computes in advance.


  • To delete all data recorded on the memory card and recover all the recordable space of it, format the memory card.