Adjusting the color to the natural tone (WHITE BALANCE)

You can adjust and fix the white balance according to the lighting conditions of recording environment.
You can select A, B, or PRESET for the white balance setting.
A(A) or B(B) is the setting that is stored in memory A or B in advance.
PRESET is the preset setting of [OUTDOOR], [INDOOR], or [MANU WB TEMP] that is selected on [WB PRESET] in the(CAMERA SET) menu in advance.



C: Manual dial

  1. Set the AUTO/MANUAL switch to MANUAL.
  2. Press the WHITE BALANCE button.
    • Status of camcorder changes from Auto (no indicator is displayed) to Manual and white balance value is highlighted. Either indicator of the white balance value set in [WB PRESET], A, and B is displayed.
  3. Turn the manual dial to select A, B, or PRESET.
    • Setting of A or B:

      Select A or B for recording with the white balance setting stored in memory A or B.

    • Setting of PRESET

      Select the desired setting on (CAMERA SET) - [WB PRESET].

About the preset setting


  • When shooting a night scene, neon lighting, fireworks, etc.
  • When shooting a sunrise, sunset, etc.
  • Under daylight fluorescent lamp


  • Where lighting conditions change, such as at a party place, etc.
  • Under video light, such as in a studio, etc.
  • Under a sodium or mercury lamp


  • You can set a desired color temperature between 2300K and 15000K on (CAMERA SET) - [WB TEMP SET] (the default setting is 6500K).

To adjust the white balance automatically

Press the WHITE BALANCE button.


  • When you set the AUTO/MANUAL switch to AUTO, the iris, gain, ISO sensitivity, shutter speed, and white balance is adjusted automatically. You cannot adjust them manually.


  • If [WB SET] is assigned to the ASSIGN button, the adjusted value is stored by pressing the ASSIGN button when the shooting screen is displayed, instead of performing steps 4 to 7 of “Storing the adjusted white balance value in memory A or B.”
  • You can change this setting directly with ////SET button the on the shooting standby screen (Direct Menu).