Adjusting the zoom with the zoom lever

Press the zoom lever slightly to zoom slowly, and press it further to zoom more quickly.

A: Wide view (Wide angle)

B: Close view (Telephoto)


  • When focusing, the minimum distance required between the camcorder and the subject is about 1 cm (about 13/32 in.) for wide angle and about 1 meter (about 39 3/8 in.) for telephoto.
  • The focus may not be adjusted at certain zoom positions if the subject is within 1 meter (about 39 3/8 in.) from the camcorder.
  • Be sure to keep your finger on the zoom lever. If you move your finger off the zoom lever, the operation sound of the zoom lever may also be recorded.
  • You can increase the zoom speed of the zoom lever. Select MENU button ‒ (CAMERA SET) ‒[ZOOM SET] - [SPEED ZOOM].