You can set the color bar display (Movie mode only).

This function helps you to adjust colors when you view movies recorded with the camcorder on a TV or a monitor.

  1. MENU button - (CAMERA SET) - [COLOR BAR] ‒ select the desired item.

Descriptions of menu items


Sets the color bar display to on/off.

  • OFF: Does not display color bars.
  • ON: Displays color bars.


Sets whether to output audio tone signals during displaying color bars.

  • OFF: Does not output audio tone signals.
  • ON: Outputs audio tone signals.


  • This setting is disabled in the following situations:
    • When [FILE FORMAT] is set to [XAVC S 4K].
    • When 120p/100p is selected for [REC FORMAT].
    • When [PROXY REC MODE] is set to [ON].
    • During recording with S&Q MOTION.
    • During recording with SUPER SLOW MOTION.
  • [ON/OFF] is automatically set to [OFF] when you change the recording format, perform the function on the menu, or turn the camcorder off.
  • You cannot change the [COLOR BAR] setting during recording or focus magnification operation (FOCUS MAGNIFIER).


  • The gamma curve equivalent to ITU709 is applied while color bars are displayed.
  • If you record color bars with [TONE] set to [OFF], the camcorder records sound from the microphone.
  • Audio tone signals are output in “1 kHz: full bit -10 dB.”
  • You can assign this function to the ASSIGN button.