Formatting deletes data from the memory card to recover recordable free space.

If a memory card is used repeatedly, garbage data accumulate which may prevent the image data from being written at the fixed speed. In this case, recording may stop suddenly. You can reduce the writing error during recording by performing [Empty] that can erase all the data on the memory card.

  1. MENU button - (OTHERS) - [MEDIA FORMAT] - select the memory card that you want to format or perform [Empty].

Descriptions of menu items


Formats the selected memory card.


Erase all the data on the memory card.
[Empty] is performed by selecting after selecting [Empty].


  • Connect the camcorder to the wall outlet (wall socket) using the supplied AC adaptor to prevent your camcorder from running out of power during the operation.
  • You cannot perform [Empty] unless you connect the AC Adaptor to the wall outlet (wall socket).
  • Disconnect all cables except the AC Adaptor.
  • To avoid the loss of important images, you should save them before the operation.
  • Protected movies and photos are also deleted.
  • While [Executing…] is displayed, do not turn off the camcorder, do not operate any buttons on the camcorder, disconnect the AC Adaptor, or remove the memory card from the camcorder. (The access lamp is lit or flashing while formatting memory card.)