Connecting to a smartphone or tablet using the QR Code

You can easily connect the camcorder to your smartphone or tablet by reading the QR Code.

  1. Install PlayMemories Mobile on your smartphone.
    • If PlayMemories Mobile is already installed on your smartphone, update the software to the latest version.
  2. Press the MENU button - select (NETWORK SET) - [CTRL W/SMARTPHONE].
    • The QR Code, SSID, password and device name are displayed.

  3. Start up PlayMemories Mobile, and select [Scan QR Code of the Camera] from the screen of PlayMemories Mobile.

  4. Select [OK]. (If a message appears, select [OK] again.)

  5. With your smartphone, read the QR Code displayed on the LCD monitor of the camcorder.


    • When [Connect with the camera?] is displayed, select [Connect].


    • Follow the on-screen instructions and install the profile (setting information).

    • On Home, select [Settings] - [Wi-Fi].

    • Select the SSID of the camcorder.

    • Go back to the Home screen and start up PlayMemories Mobile.


  • If the camcorder cannot be connected with the smartphone by NFC or by reading the QR Code, connect by using the SSID and the password.


  • Once the QR Code is read and the connection has been successfully established, the SSID (DIRECT-xxxx) and the password of the camcorder will be registered onto your smartphone. Subsequent Wi-Fi connections between the camcorder and your smartphone will only require selecting the SSID of the camcorder registered on your smartphone.