Adjusting focus by tracking the desired subject (LOCK-ON AF)

You can track a subject you select and adjust the focus automatically.

A: LCD monitor

  1. Touch the subject you want to track while recording.
    • To cancel the Lock-on AF function, select .


  • Lock-on AF function is not available when [LOCK-ON AF] is set to [OFF].
  • Lock-on AF function may not work properly under the following conditions.
    • Movement of the subject is too fast.
    • The subject is too small or too large.
    • The color of the subject and background is similar.
    • Dark scene.
    • The scene whose brightness changes.
  • This setting is not available under the following conditions.
    • During using clear image zoom or digital zoom
    • During using [D. EXTENDER]
    • During manual focus set by pressing the AF/MF button ( appears on the screen)
    • [COLOR BAR] is set to [ON].
    • When [FILE FORMAT] is set to [XAVC S HD] and [REC FORMAT] is 120p/100p.
    • When [FILE FORMAT] is set to [XAVC S 4K] and [PROXY REC MODE] is [ON].
    • When [FILE FORMAT] is set to [XAVC S 4K] and [4K REC OUTPUT] is set to [EXTERNAL OUTPUT].
    • When [HIGH FRAME RATE] is set to [ON] in [S&Q MOTION].
    • During [SUPER SLOW MOTION] recording.
  • You may not able to restart tracking the subject for a certain period of time after losing the tracking subject.


  • [FOCUS AREA] is fixed to [WIDE] during using LOCK-ON AF.