Adjusting the ISO sensitivity

You can use this if you do not want to increase the value by AUTO ISO LIMIT.

A: Manual dial

B: ISO/GAIN button


  1. Set [ISO/GAIN SEL] to [ISO].
  2. Set the AUTO/MANUAL switch to MANUAL.
  3. Press the ISO/GAIN button.
    • The or next to the ISO value disappears, and the ISO value is highlighted.

      A: ISO value

  4. Turn the manual dial to adjust the value and press the ////SET button to enter.

To adjust the ISO sensitivity automatically

Press the ISO/GAIN button while the ISO value is highlighted.

The ISO value disappears, or appears next to the ISO value. When AE is fixed, appears.


  • When you set the AUTO/MANUAL switch to AUTO, the iris, gain, ISO sensitivity, shutter speed, and white balance is adjusted automatically. You cannot adjust them manually.
  • In Movie mode, both ISO or gain can be displayed.
  • You can adjust the ISO sensitivity in Movie mode.


  • You can change this setting directly with the////SET button on the shooting standby screen (Direct Menu).