60i/50i SEL

You can select the setting depending on the TV system of the countries and regions where the camcorder is used.

The camcorder automatically restarts if you change the setting.

  1. MENU button - (OTHERS) - [60i/50i SEL].

Descriptions of menu items


Changes the setting to 60i (50i).


Cancels changing the setting.


  • Select [60i] when the TV system is NTSC and [50i] when the TV system is PAL. TV system currently set is displayed on the setting message.
  • A memory card formatted or recorded at 60i (50i) cannot record or play back at 50i (60i), and vice versa.
    Use another memory card or perform [MEDIA FORMAT] if the [A movie with a different video signal format from this device has been recorded. Movie recording disabled.] message appears after you change the [60i/50i SEL] setting.
  • Protected movies are also deleted when [MEDIA FORMAT] is performed.