Expected recording time with each battery pack

Approximate recording time with each battery pack is shown as follows.

NP-FV70A (supplied):
190 min.
205 min.
NP-FV100A (sold separately):
345 min.
365 min.

Upper time:
When the LCD monitor is opened.
Lower time:
When using the viewfinder with the LCD monitor closed.


  • Each recording time is the default setting measured with the following settings.
    • [FILE FORMAT]: [XAVC S 4K]
    • [REC FORMAT]: [2160/30p 60Mbps] (60i) or [2160/25p 60Mbps] (50i)
  • Times measured when using the camcorder at 25˚C (77°F). 10˚C to 30˚C (50°F to 86°F) is recommended.
  • The recording and playback time will be shorter, depending on the conditions under which you use the camcorder, such as when use the camcorder in low temperatures.