Performing shooting adjustment with Direct Menu

You can change the settings for shooting that is displayed on the LCD monitor directly with the////SET button.
The following settings can be changed using Direct Menu.

  • Focus value
  • AE shift level value
  • Iris value
  • ISO sensitivity/gain
  • Shutter speed value
  • White balance value

A:////SET button

  1. Press the ASSIGN button to which the Direct Menu function is assigned.
    • The camcorder is in Direct Menu mode and a cursor (underline) is displayed for items along the bottom of the LCD screen.
      • Orange cursor indicates the selected item.
      • White cursor indicates selectable items.

      A: Focus value

      B: AE shift level value

      C: Iris value

      D: ISO sensitivity/gain

      E: Shutter speed value

      F: White balance value

    • For details about assigning the function to the ASSIGN button, see “Assigning the functions to the ASSIGN buttons.”
  2. Move the ////SET button right and left to move the orange cursor to select the target item that you want to set.
  3. When (auto) appears for the item to set, move the ////SET button up and down to delete the mark.
  4. Press the ////SET button to select the setting.
    • The set value is highlighted, allowing you to change the value.
      The following diagram shows an example of changing the shutter speed value.

      A: Shutter speed value

  5. Move the ////SET button up and down to display the desired value.
    • You can also change the value with the manual dial.

      A: Changed shutter speed value

  6. To set another item, repeat steps 3 to 5 to shift the orange cursor to the item you want to set by moving the ////SET button right or left.
  7. When all desired values are displayed, press the ////SET button.
    • The setting is applied, and the camcorder exits from the Direct Menu.


  • Direct Menu is not available when using the following functions (including operation using operation buttons/ASSIGN buttons).
    • During menu screen
    • During play mode
    • S&Q MOTION
    • Focus area setting
    • Controlling volume
  • If an item (such as iris value or focus value) is changed using buttons or switches while Direct Menu is displayed, the Direct Menu may be canceled.


  • When white balance is set to be adjusted automatically, [ATW] is displayed.
  • When focus is set to autofocus, [AF] is displayed.
  • You can assign this function to the ASSIGN button.