Parts and controls (right back side/back)

  1. Eye sensor
  2. Viewfinder
  3. Large eyecup
  4. AUTO/MANUAL switch
  5. ND FILTER switch
  6. Battery pack
  7. (Headphones) jack
  8. SHUTTER SPEED button
  9. ISO/GAIN button
  10. IRIS button
  11. SLOT SELECT button
  12. THUMBNAIL (playback) button
  13. Speaker
  14. LCD monitor/touch panel
    If you rotate the LCD monitor 180 degrees, you can close the LCD monitor with the screen facing out. This is convenient during playback operations.
  15. Memory card slot A/Memory card access lamp
  16. Memory card slot B/Memory card access lamp
  17. DISPLAY button
  18. ASSIGN3 button/PICTURE PROFILE button
  19. ASSIGN2 button/STATUS CHECK button
  20. ASSIGN1 button/S&Q button
  21. WHITE BALANCE button
  22. (On/Standby) button