Initial setting

Set the language, date and time when using the camcorder for the first time.

Perform the setting with the ////SET button.

  1. Turn the camcorder on.

  2. Select AREA SET, DST SET (SUMMERTIME), and DATE with the ////SET button.

    A: LCD monitor

    • If you set [DST SET (SUMMERTIME)] to [ON], the clock advances 1 hour.
    • You can set any year up to the year 2037.
    • Midnight is indicated as 12:00 AM, and noon as 12:00 PM.


  • To change the screen language, press the MENU button and select (OTHERS) - [LANGUAGE].
  • The date and time are recorded automatically and can be displayed only during playback. To display them, press the MENU button during playback, then select (DISPLAY SET) - [DATA CODE] - [DATE/TIME].