Shooting photos

Shoot photos.

  1. Press the latches on both sides of the lens cap and remove it.

  2. Open the LCD monitor of the camcorder and turn the power on.
    • You can also turn on the camcorder by pressing (On/Standby) button or by pulling out the viewfinder.

  3. Press the MENU button.

  4. Select (REC/OUT SET) - [/SHOOTING MODE] - [PHOTO] with ////SET button.

  5. Press the PHOTO button lightly to adjust the focus, then press it fully.
    • When the focus is adjusted properly, the AE/AF lock indicator appears on the LCD monitor and the ISO value appears when the ISO display is set to AUTO.


  • You cannot shoot photos when the camcorder is in Movie mode.
  • When the access lamp is lit or flashing in red, the camcorder is reading or writing data on the memory card. Do not shake or apply strong force to the camcorder, do not turn the power off, and do not remove the memory card, battery pack, or the AC Adaptor. The image data may be destroyed.