You can select the auto focus speed during recording movies.

  1. MENU button - (CAMERA SET) - [AF DRIVE SPEED].

Descriptions of menu items

1[SLOW] - 7[FAST]:

Sets the auto focus speed.
When setting to the slow side, the excessive focus movement is reduced. The focus switches smoothly when the subject to be focused is changed and shooting impressive images is possible. This is suitable for shooting a scene in constant motion or a scene where an object does not move too much.
When setting to the fast side, the AF drive speed is set to fast and you can keep focusing on the subject with fast movement. This is suitable for shooting active scenes, such as sports. The larger the value you set, the faster the AF drive speed.


  • This setting is not available under the following conditions.
    • When [NIGHTSHOT] is set to [ON].
    • When [FILE FORMAT] is [XAVC S HD] and [REC FORMAT] is 120p/100p.
    • When [HIGH FRAME RATE] is selected in [S&Q MOTION].
  • The auto focus function is not available in the Super Slow Motion recording mode.


  • You can assign this function to the ASSIGN button.