Continuing recording on the memory cards one after another (Relay recording)

The camcorder switches memory card A (or B) just before space on the other one runs out, and continues recording on the next memory card automatically by inserting memory cards each in both slots A and B (In Movie mode only).

Do the following setting before recording.

A: MENU button

B: ////SET button

  1. Press the MENU button.
  2. Select (REC/OUT SET) - [REC SET] - [SIMUL/RELAY REC] -[RELAY REC] with //// SET button.

    a: Start

    b: Small space

    c: Insert a recordable memory card

    d: End

    REC: Recording


  • Do not eject the memory card that is currently being used for recording. When replacing a memory card while recording, replace only the one in the slot whose access lamp is off.
  • Even if you press the SLOT SELCT button while recording movies, you cannot switch the slot currently being used.
  • When the remaining recording time of the memory card being used is less than 1 minute and the other slot has recordable memory card inserted, [] or [] appears on the LCD monitor. The indicator turns off when the memory card is switched.
  • The maximum continuous recordable time of a movie is about 13 hours.
  • If you start recording on a memory card with the remaining recording time of less than 1 minute, the camcorder may not be able to perform Relay recording. To perform Relay recording without fail, make sure that the memory card has more than 1 minute when you start recording.
  • You cannot play movies seamlessly on the camcorder when the movie is recorded with Relay recording on the camcorder.
  • You can re-combine movies with Relay recording using the software PlayMemories Home.