Warning Indicators

If messages appear on the LCD monitor, follow the instructions.

Data error.

  • This may occur when you keep applying shock to the camcorder.
  • Movies recorded on other devices may not be played back.

Inconsistencies found in image database file. Do you want to repair the image database file?

  • You cannot record or play back movies because image management file is damaged. Select to record or play back HD movies.

Buffer overflow. Writing to the media was not completed in time.

  • You have performed recording and erasing operations repeatedly, or a memory card that has been formatted by other device is used. Copy and take data backup to other device (such as a computer), and then format the memory card on the camcorder.
  • The size of the inserted memory card is not sufficient for copying the movie(s). Use the recommended memory card.

Recovering data. Please wait.

  • If writing data onto memory card of the camcorder has failed, attempts will be automatically made to recover the data.

Cannot recover data.

  • Writing data onto the memory card has failed. Attempts were made to recover the data, but they were unsuccessful. The camcorder may not be able to write data onto the memory card or edit data.

Reinsert the memory card.

  • Reinsert the memory card a few times. If the indicator continues to flash even after reinserting, the memory card could be damaged. Try with another memory card.

Cannot recognize this memory card. Format and use again.

  • Format the memory card. Note that when you format the memory card, all the recorded movies and photos are deleted.

The maximum number of still image folders has been reached. Cannot record still images.

  • You cannot create folders exceeding 999MSDCF. You cannot create or delete created folders using the camcorder.
  • Format the memory card, or delete folders using your computer.

This memory card may not be able to record or play movies.

This memory card may not be able to record or play images correctly.

  • Use a memory card recommended for the camcorder.

Do not eject the memory card during writing. Data may be damaged.

  • Reinsert the memory card.


Maximum number of images already selected.

  • You can select only 100 images at one time for:
    • Deleting movies/photos
    • Protecting movies/photos, or releasing the protection

Protected file. Cannot delete.

  • You tried to delete protected data. Release the protection of the data.